Appliance Maintenance

Expert Appliance Maintenance in Bolton, Keswick, and Orangeville

It has oftentimes been said that a little preventive maintenance can go a long way to extending the life of your vehicle. The same can be said about your home appliances as well. Appliances often fail or malfunction because they aren’t cared for properly or are simply taken advantage of and neglected in the process. They provide you with an owner’s manual for a reason but unfortunately, few pay attention to it. So whenever one of their appliances breaks down, it throws the entire household into an uproar.

Advantages of Preventative Appliance Maintenance

The average homeowner in Bolton, Orangeville or Keswick, rarely thinks about having their appliances serviced on a regular basis – until they malfunction or quit working and cannot be used when they need them. Unfortunately, you could have saved money in the long run by having an Xpert Appliance Repair preventative appliance maintenance plan. Granted, every appliance eventually breaks down and needs to be repaired, but a preventative maintenance plan could prolong its life by several years.

We offer customizable appliance maintenance plans for residents of Bolton, Keswick, and Orangeville. These plans can be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of any household. Furthermore, there are 3 main advantages that these plans provide whether you’re a homeowner or a renter:

Improved energy efficiency – regularly scheduled preventative maintenance on your appliances ensures that they will operate at maximum efficiency. Obviously, you want your appliances to keep operating as efficiently as possible. Regular service on your appliances can increase energy efficiency by up to 20% and prevent any household emergencies in the process.

Increased longevity – your appliances can last considerably longer without the need for repairs when they are serviced by an Xpert Appliance Repair technician. But you can do your part at home as well and we can provide some helpful tips on preventative appliance maintenance at home. By extending the life of your appliances, you will avoid a total breakdown and the premature replacement costs that could arise as a result.

Reduced monthly utility bills – the more energy efficient your home appliances are, the more money you will save on your monthly utility bills. Anytime an appliance isn’t maintained properly, it’s going to develop problems. But most importantly, it’s going to use more energy and increase your utility expenses. You can avoid the additional expense and frustration with one of our preventative maintenance plans.

As an appliance owner, you should understand that there will eventually be the need for repairs as these machines grow older. With a customizable preventative appliance maintenance plan that is tailored to the needs of your specific household, you will avoid up to 90% of the repairs that would normally occur over time. For more information or for a free quote on your job, call Xpert Appliance Repair today. Our technicians will be glad to be of assistance and help you get the required help.

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