What To Check When Your Washer Won’t Drain?

You expect your washing machine to work when you start it after spending all that time gathering clothes, carrying them to the laundry room, sorting through them, and finally getting to turn it on. But it doesn’t always turn on and when it does, it may not work correctly. There are times when the process of washing clothes is interrupted. When it comes to washing machines problems, the most common complaint is that it won’t drain right. But the good news about this is that you can easily get to the bottom of it quickly and without causing you too much stress. (more…)

Ways To Ensure That Your Ice Maker Is Clean

Everyone needs a little ice every now and again, especially if you are throwing a party. Ice is one of those little things everyone takes for granted in their drinks but when the ice is gone, it’s all you can think about. Homeowners can choose to have an ice maker built into their refrigerator doors or they can choose to purchase a home ice making machine that is plugged in and then allowed to make its magic. Because there are differences in an ice machine versus an ice maker, we’ll tell you a bit more about each one and how to better clean it so your ice comes out tasting it is best all the time. (more…)

Is Your Dryer Running Your Clothes?

Your dryer is undoubtedly one of the solutions in the house that you take advantage of the most, right? Why wouldn’t it be – it is particularly convenient and it offers a lot of assistance. However, you’ve recently noticed that your clothes are coming out damaged. Your favorite pair of jeans is ripped while your best dress has its seams torn apart. Why is this happening? Well, there are a few things that you can account for. (more…)

Is Dishwashers Space Saving Appliances?

A dishwasher is a handy appliance that saves considerable time washing and drying dishes. Although not essential – after all, it’s quite easy to survive washing dishes by hand – having one certainly makes a person’s life easier. Unfortunately, dishwashers generally come in standard sizes that may not work for all homes. For example, apartments and condos may be tight on space and not have room for a dishwasher. Older homes, as well, were never built to accommodate a dishwasher that means a lot of kitchens will be too small to fit one.
The good news is that there are dishwashers created for the above scenarios. These types of space saving dishwashers, also called compact or counter top dishwashers, generally don’t hold as many dishes but otherwise provide the same convenience as a standard dishwasher without taking up as much space.
If you live in a confined space and have your heart set on a dishwasher, this is very understandable. Dishwashers are convenient and often more economical since they use less water to wash dishes than hand washing does. There are assorted space saving dishwashers like counter top ones and drawer dishwashers and freestanding dishwashers. These types of dishwashers will make the most of the space you have making sure it’s used as efficiently as possible. The smaller dishwashers have a capacity to wash 4 place settings at a time. Others have the capacity to wash more place settings at a time.
Freestanding spaces saving dishwashers usually hold more place settings than the smaller counter top dishwasher. The biggest difference between a freestanding compact dishwasher and a traditional one is the width. A conventional dishwasher is usually several inches wider than the freestanding compact. And since freestanding compact dishwashers are designed for areas with space limitations, they often have wheels on them to allow them to be moved around. There’s also generally a wood top that can be used for additional storage space.
The benefit of having a compact dishwasher on wheels is that you can move it to wherever you need it. So it’s like having a moving counter top to place in any area you need extra counter space. These types of dishwashers have hoses that connect to most faucets. The water comes from the faucet and the dirty water gets drained into the kitchen sink.
In an older kitchen, the faucet may not be compatible with the compact freestanding dishwasher. If this is the case, it’s usually not too difficult to update the faucet and replace it with something that is compatible with the dishwasher.Drawer dishwashers are like drawer. They come in double drawer or single drawer models. The double drawer is similar in size to a conventional dishwasher in Keswick making the one drawer a better option for those with space limitations.The smallest compact dishwasher is the counter top model. It’s basically a box that sits on your counter and hooks up to your faucet. It also drains into the sink.