Can I Make The Dryer Smell Fresh?

If you’ve ever washed a load of clothing only to realize that they smell worse than when they started, you may have a problem with lint buildup in your dryer. Many people have faced this mysterious issue, which can be very puzzling. Often, people make the mistake of assuming their washing machine is not functioning correctly. But, often, if your clothing comes out of the wash with a musty or moldy smell, the culprit is most often your dryer.

Cleaning Your Dryer

It may not occur to you that your dryer needs regular cleaning. But, like any part of your home, your dryer needs regular attention to function properly, and continue smelling good. Not only will regular cleaning ensure your clothing smells fresh, but it will also keep your dryer functioning at peak performance for many more years.

There are a few ways you should clean your dryer regularly to prevent or remove odor:

● Clean the interior: If you’ve notice a bad smell in your dryer, you can start by cleaning out the interior to see if you can eliminate bad odor. Dilute one cup of bleach in one gallon of water, and clean the interior of your dryer thoroughly with a washcloth. Give the dryer some time to air out, and then remove any bleach residue with a cloth regularly rinsed in plain water
● Clean the lint trap: Another cause of bad odor can be your lint trap. Be sure to use a vacuum, or even compressed air, to regularly clean your lint trap. Not only will this eliminate any immediate problems, improved air circulation will prevent moisture, mold, and mildew throughout your dryer
● Run a cleaning cycle: Grab a couple of clean towels and spray them lightly with white vinegar. Pop them in the dryer and run a normal cycle, and you’ll notice a totally refreshed dryer. White vinegar is a natural odor-defeater, and the towels help every corner of the interior to be reached

In some rare instances, the problem with the scent in your dryer may be because of mold within another internal component of the dryer. If you have noticed that your dryer has a distinct scent, but none of the above steps have seemed to help, you aren’t alone. You can always contact a professional appliance repair technician in Bolton to help you get to the root of the problem, and get your dryer smelling fresh again. However, make sure you work with an experienced company that is licensed and insured so that they understand how to go about the cleaning and maintenance checks.