How To Get A Jammed Garbage Disposal Running?

The garbage disposal is an ingenious household appliance that makes cleanup easier, and clogged pipes much less likely. When your garbage disposal breaks down, it is possible that you will require professional support to get it running again. But, there are a few do-it-yourself repairs that you can try yourself before you call in a technician.

One of the best indicators that the disposal can be fixed at home is if you hear the unit running, or humming, when you turn the unit on. Usually, this means that all elements are functioning, but the disposal is not running. Here are some solutions you can try to unjam the machine

1. Turn it off: Before attempting to remove any jams from the disposal, make sure to turn it off. The spinning blades in your unit are enough to cause extreme damage to your hands. So, before you attempt to make any repairs or changes to your unit, make sure it is powered down for safety.
2. Look for visual blockages: Sometimes, the simplest solution is the right one. You can simply look into your drain and see if something large has clogged the disposal. If you’re able to spot it, you should be able to remove it easily with tongs, and resolve your blockage
3. Look for blockages from underneath: You can also look for blockages from underneath your disposal unit. Have a look at the underside, and see if you can identify clogs from that angle.
4. Shift the blades: Using a small object, try applying a small amount of pressure to the blades to move them back and forth. This may help release any blockages and get things moving again
5. Try the reset feature: Once you’ve attempted all of these steps, you can use the reset feature on your disposal. This will put your blades back in original condition, reset any power issues, and leave your machine primed to function.
6. Test again: Turn your unit back on to see if you’ve successfully resolved the clog. If you’ve been successful, you’ll notice a return to usual operation again.

Following these six easy steps can help you to easily find and remove a clog, and get your garbage disposal running again. If, after one attempt, your disposal appears to remain jammed – try running through steps 1 – 6 again. If you’re able to remove the clogon your own, you’ll save yourself time and the cost of an expensive repair. However, if you are unsure of getting the blockage removed, it is essential that you call on the expert appliance repair service in Orangeville to work on the garbage disposal.