What People Want To Know About Convection Ovens

People have all sorts of questions about convection ovens. Here are a few of them, along with the answers.
I have heard that a cook can save time by using a convection oven; is that true? Yes, the appliance can hold several pans at any one time, so a chef can have several different dishes cooking at the same time.
I have heard that these ovens are also space savers; is that true? Yes, each of them takes up less space than a conventional oven.
How else can a family benefit by investing in this new type of oven? Cooks with access to the convection process have an alternative to frying. In addition, such cooks have fewer concerns about dehydration in cooked foods.
Why would it make sense to prepare a roast by using the convection process, instead of roasting it in the traditional manner? With the conventional method there was no blower that could sear the food. These ovens have blowers, which sear the meat. Once seared, the roast retains its juices.
What else should I know about cooking meat in a convection oven? Cooks using a marinade should place it on the roast during the last hour of cooking. Cooks that are used to browning a roast on a cooktop can dispense with performance of that step.
Are there different types of ovens that carry out that particular process (convection cooking)? Yes there are 3 different ovens that carry out that process. All of them have 3 heating elements. The European model has the 3rd element in the back. Some others have it at the bottom. Some have a fan, in addition to that 3rd heating element.
Do foods cook faster in this new kitchen appliance? Yes, foods cook about 30% faster when exposed to the 3 heating elements. In addition, foods get fully cooked when the oven’s temperature has been reduced from the temperature used in the past.
Do you need to use special pans, if you are placing dish in an oven with 3 heating elements? No, you are safe using any pans that you already have. Still, you will get better results by using bright aluminum or light-colored pans. If you use a pan with an anodized finish, the food in it might brown much faster than you had expected.
Do you have to pre-heat these ovens? Yes you do. In fact, in some of those appliances more than one element must get preheated, in order for the cook to feel sure of seeing the most satisfactory results. That is because each heated element needs to be at a unique temperature, in order for food to cook in the way expected. If there is any issue with the heating, call in the appliance repair service in Keswick and Bolton.