Garbage Disposal Repair

Bolton, Keswick, and Orangeville Expert Garbage Disposal Repair

Most homes in Bolton, Keswick, and Orangeville have garbage disposals mounted under their sinks. This handy little appliance makes kitchen clean-ups considerably easier. However, they serve an even more important purpose, namely keeping all types of food waste from creating greenhouse gases when they are dumped in our landfills. Not only is this harmful to our environment, breaking those materials down requires the use of a lot of energy.

For homes in these cities that have sewer access, food waste gets flushed into the sewage system where it is sent to wastewater treatment plants. These facilities gather up organic solids and process it so it can be made into fertilizer. In the more advanced facilities, they can capture those organic materials and use them to produce energy. So basically, it’s a win-win situation. Unfortunately, we tend to neglect these devices and eventually, they will malfunction or quit working altogether.

Call in the “Xperts”

Whenever there is a need for expert garbage disposal repair in Orangeville, the name you can always trust is Xpert Appliance Repair. Not only do we specialize in the repair of garbage disposals and other household appliances, we do preventative maintenance and professional installation on all makes and models. If you consider how important this small appliance actually is, it pays to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency every time you use it.

Batch Feed vs. Continuous Feed

Most individuals don’t know that there are two types of disposals, namely “batch” feed and “continuous” feed. Here’s how they differ from one another:

Batch feed garbage disposals can only be started if the lid is engaged and covers it. While their set up is a little more detailed and takes longer to complete, they’re ideal for parents who prefer additional safety because they have children in the home.

Continuous feed garbage disposals are equipped with baffles or rubber shields that ensure a quieter operation of the device and keep the food within the appliance.

Common Problems to be Aware of

If you’ve noticed any of the following common problems, it may be time to contact Xpert Appliance Repair for garbage disposal repair service:

  • Blades aren’t moving
  • Drain appears to be clogged
  • Garbage disposal appears to be jammed
  • Leaks in one or more places
  • Makes excessive or loud noises
  • Not getting any power

Our repair technicians can quickly diagnose the problem and recommend the proper repair solution for your appliance. Not only are they experienced, but each of them is licensed, insured and bonded apart from clearing the requisite background checks to ensure that only professionals attend to our customers.

For all the convenience your garbage disposal offers, it pays to have it maintained and serviced on a regularly scheduled basis. For more information about garbage disposal repair in Bolton, Keswick, and Orangeville, contact B Xpert Appliance Repair at your earliest convenience. We are your appliance repair, maintenance, and installation specialists.

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