Microwave Repair

Professional Microwave Repair for Bolton, Keswick, and Orangeville

Many homes in Bolton, Keswick, and Orangeville enjoy the convenience and efficiency that their microwave ovens provide. The ability to make foods readily accessible by cooking it within minutes is truly a modern technological miracle. Although they’re very efficient when it comes to using electricity, they do use microwave radiation for heating purposes. That in itself is the main reason that microwave repair should be left up to the technicians at Xpert Appliance Repair.

Microwave Styles

When contacting us for microwave service, it’s important to know what style microwave oven you have. There are 4 basic styles available today:

Built-ins – typically installed above stoves and blend in seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry; some are equipped with drop-down doors like ovens have

Countertop models – available in a range of sizes and wattages; unfortunately they aren’t equipped with a ventilation system and take up valuable counter space

Drawer styles – as the name implies, these slide out like drawers and are mounted below your kitchen countertop making them convenient for everyone to use

Over-the-range types – as a combination microwave-range hood, this particular type is very functional and a proven space saver

As all of the technicians at our company are licensed and insured, it is essential that you talk with us for the best way to get the repairs done and ensure that preventive maintenance procedures are implemented for future. At Xpert Appliance Repair, we provide microwave repair services to homeowners and renters in Bolton, Keswick, and Orangeville on all four styles listed above.

Common Microwave Oven Problems

Today’s microwave ovens usually last between 5 and 10 years with an average lifespan of 8. However, they are not immune to problems, especially the 5 listed below. If your microwave has exhibited any of the following problems, be sure to call us for service:

Arching or sparking inside the microwave – this could result from a defective stirrer caused by a broken fan motor, foil or utensils left in microwave, ignitable food splatters,

shorted out high voltage diode, or a stirrer belt causing a higher concentration of heat in one area

Food isn’t getting heated or warmed – if there is a loud buzzing sound, the capacitor, diode, or magnetron could be defective; you’ll want to call Xpert Appliance Repair for this type of microwave repair and have our technicians fix it

Microwave is plugged in but isn’t working – in most cases, this is due to a blown fuse or a faulty door switch

Touch pad works intermittently – this could be caused by water damage; you will have to have the touch pad repaired or possibly replaced if this is the case

Turntable doesn’t rotate – this could be caused by the carousel not being aligned on the mechanism that rotates it, a defective tray motor, or a split or worn out drive bushing on the turntable

For additional information regarding microwave repair, maintenance, or installation in Ontario, please contact Xpert Appliance Repair at your earliest convenience and speak with a representative or technician.

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