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It has often been said that the best appliance repair companies have certain qualities and characteristics that many of the others lack, one of which is the assortment and quality of the services they offer their customers. As one of the industry leaders, Xpert Appliance Repair has built a reputation based on ethical business practices, honesty, integrity, and the most comprehensive line of services in the Greater Toronto Area. The bottom line is that when you have an appliance that has broken down or has stopped operating efficiently, you cannot afford to wait to have it repaired.

And that’s where we can help. When you hire us to install, maintain, or repair any of your large home appliances, you are hiring a team of specialists that bring over years of combined experience and expertise to the table. More importantly, our technicians arrive on time as scheduled 98% of the time, a rate that is unrivaled anywhere in the appliance repair sector of the industry. We thoroughly inspect the appliance in order to diagnose and identify the problem so that we can determine the quickest, most cost-effective solution.

Appliance installation – although you might think otherwise, installing new appliances is not always an easy task to perform for the average DIY’er. For optimum results and to ensure energy-efficient operation, it pays to hire a professional from Xpert Appliance Repair to install your appliances. There are 3 key reasons why professional installation is better than DIY installation:

  • Lifting and moving heavy appliances should be left in the hands of a professional who has been properly trained in appliance installation procedures and techniques. For instance, you could drop the appliance on your foot or pull a muscle in your back, neck, or shoulder.
  • Most DIY’ers don’t know all the precautions that must be taken moving and pushing an appliance into position. Consequently, floors get scratched and walls get dented.
  • Professionals have been extensively educated and trained in the operation of the newest appliance technologies in the industry. Typically, they are better suited for doing the installation and ensuring the optimum performance of that appliance.

Appliance maintenance – professional maintenance and servicing of your household appliances is that ounce of prevention that is truly worth a pound of cure. We take our appliances for granted and never give them a second thought – until they breakdown and disrupt our daily routines. That’s when you panic and finally realize that you should have contacted Xpert Appliance Repair to come up with a customized maintenance and service plan that is tailored to the needs of your household.

An appliance that has broken down or is continually causing your monthly utility costs to increase every month is not only a huge inconvenience, it can create a financial strain for the household. However, with the assistance of our appliance maintenance and repair technicians, your appliances will be more energy-efficient and operate properly. Best of all, we offer the most competitive pricing in the Greater Toronto Area.

Dishwasher repair – once you realize the benefits involved of having a dishwasher, it’s difficult to imagine a life without one. So when they break down (and they eventually will), it can really disrupt your household routine. The best way to ensure that yours is operating at peak performance levels is to have it maintained on a regularly scheduled basis by the professionals at Xpert Appliance Repair. You can always rely on our years of experience and expertise for professional dishwasher repair – unless you don’t have a problem with doing piles of dishes by hand after dinner every night.

Dryer repair – most homeowners today purchase clothes dryers based on their home laundry needs and having the capabilities to handle the demands thereof. The newer, more energy-efficient models available today have certain features that many people are searching for such as:

  • automatic sensors
  • energy efficiency
  • quieter, smoother operation
  • shorter drying cycles

But when it breaks down and you have to start hanging load after load of laundry on your outdoor clothesline, it can disrupt a major portion of your day. And that’s where we can help. We are skilled at repairing the vast majority of name brand dryers on the market today.

Oven / range repair – when it comes to preparing your meals and baking all those tasty treats that everyone loves, your oven and range combo is an appliance you cannot afford to be without. Your only other choice is to go out for dinner every night or order food delivered and that just doesn’t make good financial sense. Plus, it’s not as healthy and nutritious as a home-cooked meal.

Signs such as a broken glass cooktop, burners not working, control panel functioning improperly, a gas leak, igniter not working properly (or at all), lighting or vents are not functioning normally, and uneven heating temperatures usually indicate a problem. If you notice any of these, you should consider contacting Xpert Appliance Repair for professional oven / range repair.

Refrigerator repair – you cannot live without a refrigerator. It’s just that simple. You’d have no way to keep certain foods fresh and store foods so they don’t spoil and cause health issues. The bottom line is that the refrigerator is the most essential of all home appliances. Although the newer, more energy-efficient models today have considerably longer lifespans, they will eventually quit working. However, while they are still working, you can do your part to extend that lifespan by contacting us for professional refrigerator repair and service.

Washer repair – remember what it was like watching your mother or grandmother hand wash certain pieces of clothing? Imagine having to do your laundry that way – all of it, not just a couple of pieces. You’d make reservations at the loony bin after a few days. The key to having energy-efficient operation and optimum performance of any washing machine is to maintain and service it from Day 1. Not only does this ensure less costly utility bills, it will extend its life and save you on washer repair and replacement costs.

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